Meet Our Campaign Leadership

John Sturgeon - Chair

“Our election system isn’t broken, and we don’t need Lower 48 power brokers to ‘fix’ it for us. Ballot Measure 2 replaces our simple and straightforward election system with a 25-page-long mess that isn’t fair, democratic, or needed.”

- John Sturgeon

Alaskan hero who twice defeated the federal government, winning two unanimous decisions at the US Supreme Court.

Meet Our Co-Chairs

Bernie Karl (Independent)

“We have an election system that has worked perfectly my whole life, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.“

- Bernie Karl

Business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, and lifelong Fairbanksan.

Anna MacKinnon (R)

“Alaska has an election process that is generally clear, simple, and fair. Even when we’re personally disappointed in the outcome of a race, we can be confident that every vote was counted, and the process was trustworthy. Ballot Measure 2 would throw out this system, and replace it with a bizarre scheme that causes many ballots to be thrown out. If Ballot Measure 2 becomes law, it will undermine public confidence in our election system. Nothing could be worse for Alaska.”

- Anna MacKinnon

Former State Senator from Eagle River
Former Executive Director for Standing Together Against Rape

Bob Candopoulos (R)

“I oppose ballot measure 2 because I want to ensure that every Alaskan that casts a vote, has that vote count!”

- Bob Candopoulos

Saltwater Safari Company, Inc., President.

Carol Fraser (R)

“I’ve worked in Alaska’s visitor industry for many years, so I love it when people from the Lower 48 come to enjoy our state’s great beauty. But I’m not excited about the Lower 48 billionaires who are using Ballot Measure 2 to change the way we Alaskans elect our leaders. My first thought is, what’s in it for them? Do they have Alaska’s best interests at heart? I do think we need to choose better leaders sometimes. But tampering with the way we count votes is a big mistake that will lead to cynicism and a loss of public trust. Let’s not go there. I’m a NO vote on Ballot Measure 2.”

- Carol Fraser

Resource Development Council, Alaska Travel Industry Association, Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Alliance for Cruise Travel.

Senator Johnny Ellis (D)

“Warning! Ballot Measure 2 is not what the proponents say it is. It does not keep dark money out and it’s unconstitutional. Others have tried Rank Choice Voting and repealed it. Don’t be fooled by outsiders!”

- Johnny Ellis

Former State Senator - Democrat
Alaska Legislature for 30 years

Mead Treadwell (R)

“The ranked choice voting bill actually eliminates the ultimate choice Alaskans can make at the ballot in a General Election.  There are too many ways to game the system to prevent one or more points of view from being available to General Election voters.  I oppose ballot measure two.”

- Mead Treadwell

Former Lt. Governor of Alaska (2010-2014);
Arctic advocate and Alaska entrepreneur.

Kristin Mellinger (R)

“I oppose Ballot Measure 2.  Instead of your vote counting for the person you want to win, your vote may be assigned to another candidate.  This is confusing and disheartening and has resulted in a decrease in voter-turn out in cities that have tried this failed experiment.  Say no to Ballot Measure 2 and the outside money that is behind its campaign.”

- Kristin Mellinger

Former Executive VP of Arctic Slope Regional Corp.

Dick Randolph (L)

“Ballot Measure 2 would be a disaster for Alaska voters who belong to smaller political parties, because it torpedoes our ability to place a party nominee on the general election ballot. I was the first person in the United States to ever win election to public office as a Libertarian Party candidate. Small political parties play a vital role in our democracy, sometimes by keeping the ‘big party’ leaders honest! The billionaires supporting Ballot Measure 2 say it will give voters ‘more choice and more voice.’ This is utter nonsense. It will actually take away voters’ choices, by discriminating against small political parties.”

- Dick Randolph

Statesman, Libertarian, and Lifelong Alaskan.

Ralph Samuels (R)

“We absolutely need to encourage greater voter turnout in Alaska’s elections, but Ballot Measure 2 is absolutely the wrong way to do it. Ballot Measure 2 would saddle Alaska with an unbelievably complicated election process that would discourage people from
voting. If it becomes law, the real winners will be powerful special interests who are clever enough to ‘game the system’ to get the results they want.”

- Ralph Samuels

Past President, Resource Development Council, Past Chairman, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

Colleen Sullivan-Leonard (R)

“When Alaskans vote, they expect a clear, transparent, and democratic process that ensures each citizen votes for one person, with one vote. Ranked choice voting takes away that democratic process and promotes a costly voting process where fourth place candidates become first based on a process of elimination. This type of voting disenfranchises voters that have relied on our trusted voting process for years. Ballot Measure 2 is not just un-American, it’s un-Alaskan.”

- Representative Colleen Sullivan-Leonard

Mat-Su Valley Legislator

Lei Tupou (R)

“I have worked and served in the State of Alaska, Department of Corrections for 20+ years and have maintained an active role in our community in supporting candidates and issues that I feel are good for my family and for yours. I always do my due diligence in studying current issues and I am happy to discuss my thoughts anytime in defense of our rights and freedoms as citizens of America and residents of Alaska. I am convinced that the rank-choice elections IS NOT GOOD for my family nor yours and would be disastrous for Alaska. Let us learn from the mistakes of other states that have implemented the rank-choice elections and have since repealed it. Please vote NO for Proposition 2. The truth is, Proposition 2: Better Election Initiative is NOT better.”

- Lei Tupou

Alaska Parole Board member;
Concerned Conservative Republican

Cheryl Markwood (R)

“In a State where we have learned time and time again that every vote counts, we can not afford to blurr our elections with a jungle primary system that destroys the simple and straightforward election system we currently have.”

- Cheryl Markwood

Owner/Broker of Markwood Realty. Resident of Fairbanks since 2001 and active in Alaska politics and local elections for many years.

Joey Crum (R)

“Alaskans didn’t ask for Ballot Measure 2. It’s being forced on us by outside billionaires who want us to be their guinea pigs. Ballot Measure 2 makes voting and elections more complicated. It will add confusion to a process that already works in Alaska and 48 other states. Let’s not play around with one of our greatest gifts: the right to vote.”

- Joey Crum

Small Business Owner

Tim Navarre (D)

“Alaskans already know how to vote; they have been doing it since statehood!”

- Tim Navarre

Kenai City Council Member, Former Kenai Assemblyman;
Former Kenai School Board Member, and Lifelong Alaskan.

Stephanie Madsen (Independent)

“In rough seas, you want fishing equipment that is familiar, reliable, and easy to maintain. You don’t want some newfangled gizmo that nobody understands how to use. Ballot Measure 2 asks us to take our most precious resource—democratic elections—and turn it upside down with some weird experiments that Lower 48 special interest groups think are cool. We don’t need Outsiders telling us how to elect our government leaders. I strongly recommend a ‘no’
vote on Ballot Measure 2.”

- Stephanie Madsen

Executive Director, At Sea Processors Association; former Chair, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Stanley Wright (R)

“As a veteran, a vote for ballot measure two would restrict service members' civil rights and cause mass confusion”

- Stanley Wright

Veteran, father, and longtime Alaskan.

Leslie Becker (R)

“Alaskan voters are very straightforward and want to protect the 'one person, one vote' election process.”

- Leslie Becker

Republican candidate,
Alaska House of Representatives - District 36

David Pruhs (R)

“There are so many items in Ballot Initiative No. 2 that will injure the Alaska electoral system.  What I find so ironic is that the group pushing this initiative claims it will take “dark money” out of elections.  This group is funded and operated by “dark money” out of Denver, Colorado.  Here we have another outside interest trying to injure the Alaska electoral system.”

- David Pruhs

Fairbanks City Councilman, Small Business Owner, and Lifelong Alaskan.

Dana Leask-Ruaro (R)

“Ranked choice or instant runoff type voting will not benefit Alaskan voters.  Using ranked choice voting to determine a winner in an election cuts against the principle of each Alaskan having an equal “one person, one vote”.  A system that has served Alaska well since statehood.  Ranked choice voting means some ballots or votes will be weighted stronger than others and some will be unused.  Not to mention confusing some voters and making counting votes more complicated and time consuming.  Alaskans should reject the effort by outside special interest groups to tamper with our elections.”

- Dana Leask-Ruaro
Lifelong Alaskan, Alaska Native, & Native and Rural Activist

Pete Zuyus (R)

"As a Senior citizen, I am opposed to Ballot measure 2.  I, along with other Seniors, have witnessed the results of being disenfranchised and losing your vote.  The ability to manipulate voting results under RCV has led to: tyrants, oppressors and even subversives taking over local elections and yes: countries.  Seniors fought, defended and cherish the right to vote for the person of their choosing.  We cannot be disenfranchised and surrender our right to vote to a political charade and whim. Supporting a NO on Ballot Measure 2 guarantees our one person, one vote history."

- Pete Zuyus

Retired telecommunications executive and Chief Information Officer at State of Alaska, advocate for seniors, and consultant.

Brittani Clancey (Independent)

“As an independent voter, I want an election system that gives us more choices, and encourages more voters to turn out.  But Ballot Measure 2 will actually take away our choices! The 'ranked choice voting’ scheme that Ballot Measure 2 proposes would cause many voters to have their ballots thrown out, and it would mean that fewer voters will have their voices heard in elections. Plus, Ballot Measure 2 would give us California’s ‘jungle primary.’ In many parts of California, voters receive a ballot that has ONLY Democratic candidates and some areas have ONLY Republican candidates. No independent candidates, and no candidates from alternative parties. Is that giving voters more choices? I don’t think so. Let’s never make this mistake in Alaska.”

- Brittani Clancey

Mother of Four

Thomas Baker (R)

“The changes proposed in Ballot Measure 2 have time and again shown to be discouraging as well as a disadvantage to minority populations where they’ve been implemented.”

- Thomas Baker

Senate Candidate

Bob Sivertsen (R)

“I am a lifelong Alaskan, I believe outside interests are trying to change Alaska’s voting laws to suit their own interest. My vote counts today, and that is the way it should be."

- Bob Sivertsen

Lifelong Ketchikan resident, retired from City of Ketchikan;
Husband, father, and grandfather.

Portia Noble (R)

“I oppose ballot measure two because Alaskans have the right to advocate their first amendment rights anonymously.”

- Portia Nobel

Local Activist

Mark Chryson (A)

“When I first was introduced to Instant Runoff Voting I was in favor as I perceived it would help our candidates in the elections. The original initiative was simple and concise. This new version is neither. How can something that is 26 pages long be considered simple or concise?

There are too many complications to this proposal. It will not only change the balloting process, it will change the primaries the way candidates raise funds. Each issue should have been addressed separately.

How it got by the courts is a completely different issue in itself. Remember the same judges that said it was okay are the ones that said it was okay to steal our PFDs.”

- Mark Chryson

Business owner, Former chair of the Alaskan Independence Party, and a sponsor of the original IRV bill.

Cynthia Erickson (R)

“As an Alaska Native and resident of a rural community, I am very worried about how Ballot Measure 2 would erect new barriers to voting. It would impose ‘ranked choice voting’ (RCV) on Alaska. When the state of Maine adopted this experiment, they had to produce 19 pages of instructions on how to vote. How will this affect voter turnout among the elderly, the disabled, and those with language difficulties? Our current system for voting is simple and easy to understand. Nothing good will come if we replace that with an experiment that is bureaucratic and hard to understand.”

- Cynthia Erickson

Representative Mike Prax (R)

“Ballot measure 2 is a complex initiative sponsored by outside interests to dismantle an election process that has worked for 200 years."

- Mike Prax

State Representative

Susie Linford (Non-Partisan)

“Erecting new barriers to voting by increasing ballot complexity and throwing out votes is a recipe for disaster. Our current system is fair and simple, and most importantly, every vote counts!”

- Susie Linford

Award-winning chef
Longtime community pillar in Anchorage

Steve Colligan (R)

“I see this as yet another way outside influencers are manipulating the system and using the "ministry of disinformation" to manipulate the facts about elections. Just follow the money, all roads on this subject lead South!”

- Steve Colligan

Paulette Simpson (R)

“The architects of Ballot Measure 2 have given us something truly unique. They’ve taken two election law failures from the Lower 48 states, and cobbled them together into a massive, 25-page-long proposal -- 25 pages! The last thing Alaskans should do is embrace failed gimmicks from other states.  Vote NO on Ballot Measure 2."

- Paulette Simpson

47 year Juneau resident and community volunteer

Dave Talerico (R)

“Our current voting process is simple, select the candidate of your choice. Having a “grid” of candidates to rank wouldn’t instill voter confidence nor will complicating the system increase voter turnout, in my opinion."

- Dave Talerico

Representative, District 20
Former Mayor of the Denali Borough

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Alaskans are faced with a difficult fight this election season. Outside billionaires want to dismantle our fair and proven election system through Ballot Measure 2 -- and they've invested millions to try to fool you. We believe Alaskans are smarter than that, but we need your help.