Stephanie Madsen Joins Vote No on 2 as Newest Co-Chair

ANCHORAGE, September 15, 2020 — Today, Defend Alaska Elections—Vote No on 2 announced the addition of Stephanie Madsen as the newest campaign co-chair.

Madsen, a fisheries expert and former Chair of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council with more than four decades of experience in fishery dependent coastal communities – including Juneau, Unalaska, Kodiak and Cordova – is currently Executive Director of At-Sea Processors Association.

“In rough seas, you want fishing equipment that is familiar, reliable, and easy to maintain. You don’t want some newfangled gizmo that nobody understands how to use,” said Stephanie Madsen. “Ballot Measure 2 asks us to take our most precious resource – democratic elections – and turn it upside down with some weird experiments that Lower 48 special interest groups think are cool. We don’t need Outsiders telling us how to elect our government leaders. I strongly recommend a ‘no’ vote on Ballot Measure 2.”

Madsen joins a growing and diverse team of Alaskans opposing Ballot Measure 2.

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