Ballot Measure 2 Campaign Slammed for Fake Poll Results

Defend Alaska Elections responds with credible survey data

ANCHORAGE, Oct. 2, 2020 — Brett Huber, campaign manager for Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2, criticized the campaign backing Ballot Measure 2 for releasing misleading polling data purporting to show broad public support for a ballot initiative that would radically change the way Alaskans vote for their elected leaders.

“Everyone knows there are two kinds of polls: those designed to measure public opinion, and those designed to manipulate it. The poll released this week by the Ballot Measure 2 campaign belongs in the latter category,” said Huber. “This so-called survey uses an on-line method that is notoriously unreliable. Since Lower 48 billionaires have pumped a shocking $5 million into the Ballot Measure 2 campaign, we can safely assume they’ve paid for multiple surveys that actually follow reliable methods. Yet they’ve chosen not to publicly release any of those findings. Instead they release nonsense that masquerades as public opinion research.”

Defend Alaska Elections has retained the veteran Alaska polling firm of Dittman Research to manage its opinion research operation.

“Our surveys are designed to truly understand what Alaskans think, not play political games,” commented Huber. “Before our campaign had started any advertising in opposition to Ballot Measure 2, our internal survey data showed that only about one-third of respondents were supportive of Ballot Measure 2, about one-third were opposed, and about one-third were undecided. But when voters are informed about what Ballot Measure 2 would actually do, a decisive majority say they’ll vote no.”

Huber said the most remarkable aspect of Ballot Measure 2 is how few Alaska voters are strongly in support of it, even after millions of dollars in spending by proponents.

“You can buy a lot of misinformation for $5 million,” Huber said. “But when you’re trying to sell snake oil to Alaskan voters, it’s still not enough to close the deal.”

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