Ballot Measure 2 Opponents Surpass Yes Campaign in Alaskan Donors

ANCHORAGE, Oct. 19, 2020 — Today, Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2 announced that it has surpassed the Yes campaign's multi-year running total of Alaskan donations in less than two months of fundraising. The latest campaign finance reports, submitted on Saturday, October 17, show that the No campaign has collected 336 donations from Alaskans, while the Yes campaign has collected only 296 since they began campaigning in July 2019.

Donations from Alaskans to the Yes campaign account for only three-tenths of one percent of their fundraising total. Meanwhile, Alaskan donations represent 70 percent of all No campaign funds.  

“With just $20,000 in Alaskan donations, in-state backers of Ballot Measure 2 represent a miniscule 0.3 percent of the Yes campaign's dark-money haul - little more than a rounding error for the political operatives hired by out-of-state billionaires to promote Ballot Measure 2,” said Brett Huber, campaign manager for Defend Alaska Elections. “In less than two months, Alaskans stepping up to defend our fair and transparent elections against Outside dark money have donated more than 15 times this amount. While we remain outgunned by billionaires from New York and California and millions in out-of-state dark money, our donors have something the Outside billionaires don't: the right to vote in Alaska.”

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