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John Sturgeon: How are you voting on Ballot Measure 2?

It’s a question many Alaskans have yet to answer. You’ve probably heard it has something to do with ranking candidates and putting everyone into one big primary. But despite the millions spent by out-of-state billionaires to prop up Ballot Measure 2, they really haven’t explained much.

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Eddie Grasser: Vote no on Ballot Measure 2

I’ve been involved in politics as an advocate for hunting based conservation and the Second Amendment for over 40 years. I am a past president of several sportsmen’s groups, spent time as the NRA Field Rep for Alaska, and served four years as chair of the government affairs committee for Safari Club International.

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Loren Leman: The empty promises of Ballot Measure 2

I do believe Alaska’s election system could be improved, but instead of this convoluted approach, we can apply practical, home-grown solutions that really work. Rather than shining light on the electoral process, Ballot Measure 2 makes voting more confusing and imports failed experiments from other states. I urge Alaskans to vote no.

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Charlie & Becky Huggins: Alaska Veterans Oppose Ballot Measure 2

This November, as Veterans and proud Alaskans and Americans, we are urging our fellow citizens to vote no on Ballot Measure 2. We must not give away our basic rights – to vote and to speak our minds about those in power. Those rights are not for sale.

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Nora Morse: Both sides agree - We don’t need Ballot Measure 2

Brett Huber and I do not see eye to eye on almost anything. He is a Republican. I am a Democrat. He ran Mike Dunleavy’s campaign for governor. I ran Mark Begich’s. But we do agree, Ballot Measure 2 would be a disaster for Alaska.

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ADN: Spending on ‘Better Elections’ ballot measure tops $7 million

The leading vote-yes group, “Yes on 2 for Better Elections,” has collected about $6.67 million since 2019, with more than 99.5% of the money coming from Outside groups.

The leading vote-no group, “Defend Alaska Elections,” has raised about $458,000, with about 70% of the money coming from within Alaska.

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Ballot Measure 2 Opponents Surpass Yes Campaign in Alaskan Donors

Today, Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2 announced that it has surpassed the Yes campaign's multi-year running total of Alaskan donations in less than two months of fundraising. The latest campaign finance reports, submitted on Saturday, October 17, show that the No campaign has collected 336 donations from Alaskans, while the Yes campaign has collected only 296 since they began campaigning in July 2019.

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Ketchikan Daily News Editorial: Vote no on 2

To begin with, the measure covers 31 pages in the State of Alaska’s Official Election Pamphlet. Reading the pamphlet isn’t like sitting down with a good book. As a result, not nearly enough voters will. And, voters should be informed and knowledgeable before voting to change Alaska elections.

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Sen. Peter Micciche: Don’t fix what isn’t broken

As my grandfather always said, “If it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed,” especially if it means gaming our sacred election system through Ballot Measure 2. Our system works quite well, and Alaskans are smart enough to vote for whom they believe represents them best.

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Bernie Karl: Ballot Measure 2 will lead to more spineless leaders in Juneau

Juneau is full of politicians who don’t stand for anything. The current majority caucus, consisting of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, was designed to ensure the political safety of its members by barring consideration of controversial topics.

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Peter Zuyus: Seniors against Ballot Measure 2

Dear Alaskan Seniors, 

My name is Peter Zuyus, an advocate for senior citizens and a senior myself. This November I’ll be voting no on Ballot Measure 2 and I urge you to do the same. 

As seniors, we have long valued our right to vote for the politicians of our choosing.

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David Donley: Ballot Measure 2 is a mess

A recent Daily News story about Ballot Measure 2 left out some crucial facts that make this idea a real stinker. A similar idea was rightfully rejected by 64% of Alaskan voters in 2002.

As a life-long Alaskan, Alaska Bar member for over 40 years, author of one successful amendment to the Alaska Constitution and co-author of several others, and a state legislator for 16 years, I see many problems with Ballot Measure 2.

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Paul Jenkins: Voting initiative relies on Outside money

There is a vast spiderweb of faceless, monied Outside special interests betting at least $5 million — about $9 per registered voter in Alaska — that you are dumb as a stump. In a few days, we will see if they are right.

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Cynthia Erickson, Dana Leask-Ruaro, & Thomas Baker: Vote No on Ballot Measure 2

This election season, we are strongly urging our fellow Alaskans to VOTE NO ON BALLOT MEASURE 2.

This initiative would get rid of our simple one person, one vote system and replace it with a 25-page mess written and funded by billionaires in the Lower-48.

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John Coghill: Opposed to Measure 2

I am not supporting Ballot Measure 2. I will support any effort to defeat Ballot Measure 2.

First, I believe in the right of parties to select their best nominee in a primary. This initiative would leave parties less effective by making their freedom of association less authoritative.

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Ballot Measure 2 Campaign Slammed for Fake Poll Results

Brett Huber, campaign manager for Defend Alaska Elections – Vote No on 2, criticized the campaign backing Ballot Measure 2 for releasing misleading polling data purporting to show broad public support for a ballot initiative that would radically change the way Alaskans vote for their elected leaders.

“Everyone knows there are two kinds of polls: those designed to measure public opinion, and those designed to manipulate it. The poll released this week by the Ballot Measure 2 campaign belongs in the latter category,” said Huber.

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Stephanie Madsen Joins Vote No on 2 as Newest Co-Chair

Madsen, a fisheries expert and former Chair of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council with more than four decades of experience in fishery dependent coastal communities – including Juneau, Unalaska, Kodiak and Cordova – is currently Executive Director of At-Sea Processors Association.

“In rough seas, you want fishing equipment that is familiar, reliable, and easy to maintain. You don’t want some newfangled gizmo that nobody understands how to use,” said Stephanie Madsen.

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Ballot Measure 2 would replace fair elections with political trickery

"Perhaps the most sweeping change proposed in Ballot Measure 2 is to toss aside our “one Alaskan, one vote” system and replace it with a scheme known as ranked-choice voting (RCV).

It’s so complicated, it’s hard to explain, but here’s the gist: Voters would be forced to rank every candidate on the ballot, regardless if they wanted that particular candidate to win.

Fail to do that, and that vote is at risk of being thrown out if no candidate receives more than 50% of votes cast."

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Alaska’s Election Initiative Is Rank

The Covid crisis has increased interest in improving America’s election system. But not all election reforms would make things better.

Here in Alaska, a Colorado-based political-action committee, Unite America, spent more than $1 million to place the so-called Better Elections initiative on the November ballot. It’s a bad plan.

The voting process in Alaska, as in most states, is simple: Voters pick one candidate for each office, and the candidate with the most votes wins.

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Ralph Samuels Joins Vote No on 2 Campaign as Newest Co-Chair

ANCHORAGE, September 16, 2020 — Today, Defend Alaska Elections—Vote No on 2 announced the addition of Ralph Samuels as the campaign’s newest co-chair.  

Samuels, Vice President of Holland America Group and a board member of the Alaska Chamber of Commerce, served as Majority Leader in the Alaska House of Representatives, chaired the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and was Board President of the Resource Development Council.

“We need to get more people engaged in the voting process – that’s why I oppose Ballot Measure 2”

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New Alaska Native Co-Chairs Join Fight Against Ballot Measure 2

“As an Alaska Native and resident of a rural community, I am very worried about how Ballot Measure 2 would erect new barriers to voting,” said Cynthia Erickson, founder of My Grandma’s House ‘Setsoo Yeh,’ a safe haven for youth in her community.

“It would impose ‘ranked choice voting’ (RCV) on Alaska. When the state of Maine adopted this experiment, they had to produce 19 pages of instructions on how to vote. How will this affect voter turnout among the elderly, the disabled, and those with language difficulties?

Our current system for voting is simple and easy to understand. Nothing good will come if we replace that with an experiment that is bureaucratic and hard to understand.”

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Defend Alaska Elections Announces New Mat-Su Co-Chairs

"When Alaskans vote, they expect a clear, transparent, and democratic process that ensures each citizen votes for one person, with one vote,” said Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard.

“Ranked choice voting takes away that democratic process and promotes a costly voting process where fourth place candidates become first based on a process of elimination.

This type of voting disenfranchises voters that have relied on our trusted voting process for years. Ballot Measure 2 is not just un-American, it’s un-Alaskan.”

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Ballot Measure 2 should be voted down

Every lieutenant governor of Alaska I've ever known has taken his or her role overseeing elections very seriously. Impartial, crystal-clear election rules are vital to our democracy.

We should not be bamboozled by a proposal, set for the November ballot, that would deny political parties the ability to put forward a candidate and totally confuse the process for the rest of us as voters.

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Ranked-choice ballot initiative would destroy Alaska's voting system

The day before the Independence Day holiday last summer, local progressives filed a petition ironically named "Alaskans for Better Elections," which would destroy the integrity of Alaska's elections.

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Editorial: Ranked-choice voting fails to boost diversity

Earlier this month, the city of Eastpointe in Macomb County held Michigan's first ever ranked-choice election to select two City Council seats. This measure was complex, ineffective and unnecessary.

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An initiative proposes to overhaul Alaska’s elections. But not everyone thinks they’re broken.

Of more than $4 million that initiative supporters have raised to date, more than 99% has come from Outside groups.

Some $20,000 has come from individuals, according to campaign finance disclosures, though the campaign says it has a larger number of individual donors than any other initiative in the past decade.

The opponents bring together some unlikely allies. Early on, two of the top donors to the campaign were Republican former Gov. Sean Parnell and Democratic former U.S. Sen. Mark Begich.

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Ranked-choice voting fails to deliver on its promises

In 2016, Maine voters approved a ballot initiative that established the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV) in state and federal elections.

In its most recent legislative session, the state also approved the use of RCV in presidential primary and general elections, though that law is now the subject of a People's Veto campaign to be permanently repealed.

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Letter: Vote no on Measure 2

"The real horror in Ballot Measure 2 is the imposition of the four-way “jungle primary,” which is bad for the following reasons:

The ballot measure is being funded by almost $3 million from Houston and Denver. Why? This cannot benefit Alaskans.

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Ranked choice voting backed by rich, out-of-state donors

A ballot initiative that would scrap Massachusetts’ voting system in favor of “ranked choice” voting is being fueled primarily by wealthy, out-of-state donors including the son of left wing billionaire George Soros and the daughter-in-law of media baron Rupert Murdoch, records show.

More than half of the $5.6 million in donations to Yes on Question 2 has come from one source — the Houston, Texas-based Action Now Initiative, founded by hedge fund billionaire John Arnold. He is a former executive for the bankrupt Enron Corp.

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Get involved now.
Alaskans are faced with a difficult fight this election season. Outside billionaires want to dismantle our fair and proven election system through Ballot Measure 2 -- and they've invested millions to try to fool you. We believe Alaskans are smarter than that, but we need your help.