Defend Alaska Elections

Outside special interest groups, funded by billionaires from New York, California, and other states, have spent more than $1.2 million trying to convince Alaskans to embrace Ballot Measure 2.
This initiative would throw out Alaska’s entire system for conducting elections, and replace it with a dangerous scheme that has failed in other states. Why would deep-pocketed interests from the Lower 48 want to change the way Alaskans choose their elected officials?

Ballot Measure 2 would force Alaskans to elect political leaders using so-called “ranked choice voting” (RCV) in which voters assign a numerical rank to multiple candidates, rather than voting for just one. RCV might look good on the surface, but it’s really the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” It results in many voters having their ballots thrown out, and leads to the political trickery of some candidates being declared as “winners” even when they fail to win a majority of the votes cast!

Our state’s existing elections are easy to understand: each Alaskan gets one vote, and the candidate with the most votes wins. Yet Ballot Measure 2 would replace this simple, transparent system with a cumbersome process that takes 25 pages to explain. It’s no surprise that Alaska leaders from across the spectrum—Republican, Democrat, and Non-partisan—think that Ballot Measure 2 is a terrible idea. Learn more about Ballot Measure 2 and its false promises to Alaskans.

Get involved now.
Alaskans are faced with a difficult fight this election season. Outside billionaires want to dismantle our fair and proven election system through Ballot Measure 2 -- and they've invested millions to try to fool you. We believe Alaskans are smarter than that, but we need your help.